KAF Jeju Meeting (4/26-4/28)

This past April 26th – 28th KAF had a meeting at Jeju Island. KAF held its semi-annual meeting which for the first half of the year gathered at Daejeung/ Nonsan Mountain and the second half in Chuncheun. However this time God’s Family Church in Jeju served to host the KAF meeting. Although God’s Family Church had many visitors, they served with love and we received a lot of grace and impression from our time. Five people from KAC participated, Dong Gyu Ahn, Sang Uk Nam, Bock Ki Kim, Sook Kyeung Park, and Kyeung Jung Kim. Dong Gyu Ahn and Sang Uk Nam were representing KAC as beloved board chairs, while at the same time representing Chuncheon’s Jesus Village Church, and Jesus Heart Church

Northeast Asia Reconciliation Forum (4/20-4/25)

This past April 20th – 25th, Brother Kyeong Jung Kim attended the second Northeast Asia forum that was jointly hosted by Duke University and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). This forum was more meaningful than last year’s because it took place in Nagasaki, Japan, where the atomic bomb landed in 1945.

The 60 participants, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, each from their respective fields and of all denominations, took time to divide and discuss how to apply Christ’s reconciliation ministry in the Church and world, while having earnest concern for the great harm already done. All day, bygones of three countries pressed to learn the question, that can only be settled in Christ, of how the new church as creation can accomplish the impossible work of reconciliation and how to advance this very precious calling of truth given during the reconciliation forum.
The Anabaptist Church is traditionally known to be peace focused. Because of Anabaptist reconciliation ministry, we want to be dedicated to working on the heavy reconciliation things from God. God sent Christ to take care of reconciling people and things, and the church must follow the call to reconciliation ministry. Therefore the redemption side of reconciliation can illuminate how very meaningful this work is.
“That is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:19-20).

KAP translator meeting

Saturday, March 28th a gratitude meeting was hosted and invited the KAP translators.

Yeung Hei Kim, Jiwon Park, Doo Yong Park, Jeung Nam Lee, Seung Mi Jin, and In Ki Choi all participated in a special lecture, “Translated documents and the Kingdom of God as a ministry Anabaptist Exercise“ hosted with Busan Logos Church and Pastor Ki Hyeung Kim of Logos staff.

“Dialogue for Difficult Subjects” has been published

This “Dialogue for difficult subjects“ was published.

KAP justice and peacebuilding seires eighth book ‘Dialogue for difficult subjects – A Practical, hands-on guide’ is released!

Author: Lisa Schirch, David Campt

Editor: Seon Mi Jin

How is the dialogue of religions in a festive gathering a political opinion with respect to someone who does not feel uncomfortable with conflict?

Are there people who can not remember the moment when tensions relaxed between the participants at a hearing?

Authors of the book, Schirch and Campt, introduce a fresh, innovative and promising approach for dealing with a topic that may cause tension with the principle of dialogue.

Daily conversations, official meetings, community meetings, and dialogue at international meetings is to build a community of people who listen to each other in a safe environment and through conflict, to recognize their similarities and work out their differences.