South Korea is a small country and any point can be reached within less than a day of surface travel. Public transportation is plentiful, reliable and relatively economical. Korea boasts many historic sites, cultural activities, hiking destinations, and rugged coastlines. Korea also enjoys four distinct seasons with hot, humid rainy summers and moderately cold winters. Spring and fall are particularly pleasant. Chuncheon is situated geographically at a latitude similar to that of Wichita, Kansas.
  • is the capital city of Gangwon province, in north east South Korea
  • is a lake city, surrounded by three lakes and many mountains
  • is a safe, clean city – people are friendly and welcoming
  • is famous for Dakgalbi and Magkusu – Korean “chicken ribs” and noodle dishes
  • has a population of 280,000
  • has a good local bus network and a subway system that easily connects to Seoul (this takes about an hour)
Seoul is Korea’s capital city, a large metropolis in the northwestern part of South Korea. Seoul proper is home to 11 million people and satellite cities around the capital add another 7 million people to this area, making it a very densely populated region. As a large city in a developed country, Seoul has almost everything one would expect in a world-class city: commerce, culture, religion, technology, and education. Many people have some knowledge of English and many desire to improve their English conversational skills.