KAC Timeline



  • KAC opening in Seoul (Nov 2)
    • Founding members include Tim Froese, KyongJung Kim, and Lee JaeYoung, as well as 3 steering committee members (Lee YoonShik, Ahn Daniel, and Cha SungDo from Jesus Village Church)
  • Supporters include JVC, MVS grads, other individuals
  • Sheldon Sawatzky visited and gave a message at the opening worship service
  • Publications include:
    • Anabaptist history and confession
      ~ A combined book of small articles on Anabaptism and
      ~ The Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective



  • KAC Library is set up
  • Education
    • Victim and Offender Mediation Program at Soongsil University
      ~ Erwin Wiens – guest speaker, Lee JaeYoung- KAC staff
  • Service Work: IVEP
    • Kim JiYun – KAC’s first Korean IVEPer, served in Canada
  •  Networking
    • MMN Learning tour led by Stanly Green
    • Kim KyongJung visit to Canada
    • MC Canada office, Charleswood Mennonite Church, Pandora Press
    • Office location changed



  • Major Event: US invade Iraq
    • Sister Ryu Eun-Ha witnessed to the violent situation for Peace and Justice
    • SIV(Salam Iraq Volunteers) include:
      ~ A group of Korea volunteers organized and sent to Iraq for service and relief work
      ~ The Frontiers, Dongahn Presbyterian Church, and KAC
  •  Publications
    • Anabaptist Seeds – Arnold Snyder
    • Is a peace church possible – Alan Kreider
  • Peace education
    • World Friendship Center invited KAC staff to visit Hiroshima in Japan for peace education and networking purposes
    • Peace and Peer Mediation Workshop led by Robert Harries and Lee Jae Young
    • Lee JaeYoung participated in MPI (Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute) in Philippines
  • Peacebuilders education program
    • Guest speakers include Alan and Elenore Kreider, teaching on the Early Church and Anabaptism
  • Service Work
    • IVEP: Ko Il-Young served in Ontario, Canada
    • SALT: Anita Streicher from Canada
    • CMU Intern:  Cheryl Woelk from Canada
  • Networking
    • Lee Wheeler (MCC worker) shared his trip to North Korea as an agricultural specialist
    • House of Sharing (A shelter for women under Japanese colonization)
    • Mennonite World Conference in Zimbabwe
      ~ JVC became an associate member of Mennonite World Conference
      ~ Tim Froese, Kim KyongJung, and Erwin Wiens participated in the event



  • Publications
    • Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom by Alan Kreider
  • Guest speakers Harry and Agnus Huebner from CMU, Canada
  • Service Work
    • IVEP: Kim HongSeok, served in USA
    • SALT: Rachel Vermeer from Alberta, Canada
  • Networking
    • AMC (Asia Mennonite Conference) executive committee gathering
    • A Hibakusha from World Friendship Center visited
    • House of Sharing
  • Tim Forese family returned to Canada
  •  KAC’s English language Institute, Connexus, is started



  • Publications
    • Building on the Rock
    • Mennonite Story
    • Peace and reconciliation as a new paradigm
  • Guest speaker Jacob Elias from AMBS
  • Peace education
  • Service Work
    • IVEP: Seo Eunji served in BC, Canada
    • SALT: Lauen Sauer and Douglas Friesen from Ontario Canada



  • Major event: Asia Anabaptist Discipleship Training Program (AADT)
  • Guest speakers
    • Tom Yoder Neufeld
    • Anthony Brown
  • Education
    • Theological Joint Consultation together in Macao for Anabaptist Seminary
    • Conflict Prevention Seminar
  • Service Work
    • IVEP: Oh Eun Kyung served in MCC office, Akron, Pennsylvania, USA
    • SALT: Kevin Leeder
  • Networking
    • Helped church-to-church exchange program
    • Trip to visit Japanese Mennonite churches in Tokyo area
    • Korean Anabaptist Mission Fellowship (KAMF) formed



  • Publications
    • Mediation training manual
    • Hutterite life
    • Confession of faith in a Mennonite perspective
    • Discipleship as political responsibility
  • Education
    • Hun Lee
    • Christian Peace Academy
    • Hizakias Asefa
  • Service Work
    • SALT
  • Networking
    • Grace and Peace Mennonite Church
    • Korean association of church community
    • Korean Anabaptist Mission Fellowship (KAMF)


  • Publications
    • The History of the Hutterites – John Hofer
    • Claus Felbinger’s Confession of 1560
    • The Radicals DVD – Korean subtitles
    • Work and Rest in Biblical Perspective – Waldemar Janzen
  • Guest Speakers Mark and Mary Hurst
    • Anabaptism and Homeschooling
    • Peace education
      ~ Conflict Resolution
      ~ Restorative Justice
  • Service Work
    • SALT: Sarah Wilson, served in Sarangbang Community Church
  • Networking
    • Korean Anabaptist Mission Fellowship (KAMF)



  • Publications
    • Anabaptist Vision
    • Ein Esndbrief Bruederliche Gemeinschaft das hoechste Gebot der Liebe Betreffend – Andreas Ehrenpreis, 1652
  • Education
    • Christian Peace Academy
    • Speakers Pat and Earl Martin
  • Networking
    • North East Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI) – first year; network-building stage
    • Peace camp in China
    • Dandelion Community
    • Bible Korea
    • MCC Korea Reunion
    • Korean PAX team visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan
    • Mennonite World Conference
    •  Korean Anabaptist Mission Fellowship (KAMF)
    • KAC 8th anniversary
    • KAF 1st gathering in LA



  • Publications
    • Dying to Live with Christ – Merle Ruth
    • Journey Toward Reconciliation – John Paul Lederach
    • How Christians made peace with war – John Driver
    • Changing Lenses – Howard Zehr
  • Education
    • Parmer Becker
    • Al Fuelutes – Trauma Healing
    • Kim ChangKyu – Hubmiar’s view on Anabaptist salvation
    • Restorative Justice
  • Networking
    • North East Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI) – second year; foundation-laying stage
    • Peace camp in China
    • KAC 9th anniversary
    • KAF 2nd gathering in Calgary, Canada; 3rd gathering in ChunCheon, Korea



  • Education
    • Peace-building workshops led by Joe and Janet Campbell
  • Service Work
    • IVEP: Park Jin Ju served in Elmira, Ontario; Song Yeoreum served in Pennsylvania, USA; Kim Seung-Hwan, served in Denver, Colorado
  • Networking
    • North East Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI) – third year; operation stage
    • Peace camp in Korea
  • KAC and Connexus separate; KAC moves to ChunCheon city and Connexus moves to Deokso
  •  KAC 10th anniversary



  • Education
    • Kingdom builders led by Erv Wiens
    • Boundary workshop led by Marian Wiens
  • Service Work
    •  IVEP: Jung Su-Hyun serving in Pennsylvania, USA
    • SALT: Deborah Wiens from British Columbia; Alexandra Loeppky and Jessica Klassen from Manitoba
    • YAMEN: Cindy Tristiantanri from Indonesia
  •  Networking
    • Asia Anabaptist Diakonia Conference held in Salatiga, Indonesia
    • MCC Korea Reunion
    • Global Anabaptist Service Network
    • MWC general council