Get Involved

KAC was conceived by the vision, volunteerism, and partnership of many individuals and groups.

Today we are committed to continuing in this spirit of faithfulness, openness, and cooperation. We are pleased to have the support, understanding, and fellowship of Korean brothers and sisters. Although most of our activity occurs in the Korean language and on the Korean peninsula, there are many ways to be involved right where you are. You can find the most up-to-date news about our activities and prayer requests on our website, but here are some ongoing ways to be involved.
  • Prayer – pray for wisdom, courage, and Spirit-led witness.
  • Friendship – we regularly counsel individuals who not only want to study in North America, but also want to participate in the life of a Mennonite church. If you live near a Mennonite “college town” and can invest in a relationship with us, please let us know.
  • Resources – we are developing a library of books and materials on Anabaptist themes. Our current “wish list” for books is on our website. Contact us if you have something to share.
  • Time – occasionally, requests come from friends to proofread articles and papers written in English. This is important but time-consuming work. If you have the skills, time, and access to a computer, let us know.
  • Service – we provide opportunities for service in Korea which cultivate biblical discipleship, peace, and Christian community in the Anabaptist faith tradition. In particular, we are looking for people with gifts and interests in:
    • organizing, cataloging, and other work related to library and online resources
    • developing peace-related resources and manuals for use in the Korean context
    • assisting KAC staff and other volunteers in the development of the Kingdom Builders program, which focusses on church and life issues
    • supporting KAC staff with preparation and other work as possible
    • assisting KAC staff and participating in the ongoing activities of the center (networking relationships, hosting guests, workshops, etc.)
    • keeping the English website and newsletter updated
    • teaching English for marginalized, disadvantaged people (such as North Korean refugees, migrant workers, and children from single-parent homes)
Primary Duties for Long Term Service Workers
  • Language learning
    • Study of the Korean language will be a high priority
    • KAC will assist in providing translation for church visits, seminars and teaching events, as needed
  • Help strengthen the connection between churches affiliated with the KAC, Korean Anabaptist network, or otherwise
    • Encourage fellowship and joint worship experiences between Anabaptist-minded churches
    • Connect in appropriate ways to other networking initiatives such as the Korea Anabaptist Fellowship (KAF) cluster in Taejeon, and the Korea Anabaptist Fellowship in Canada (KAFC)
  • Provide training to church leaders
    • Provide a series of seminars for congregational settings on Anabaptist-related topics such as peace theology and conflict transformation
    • Travel will be required to churches in the (KAC) Anabaptist network across the country
  • Develop resources for churches
    • Collect or write culturally appropriate liturgy for use in worship