Directions to KAC

The KAC office has moved to a new location.
3rd Floor, 34 Chuncheon-ro,
Chuncheon city, South Korea 200-943

From Incheon International Airport

From the 9-C Station at Incheon International Airport, take airport bus to Chuncheon city, which is the last stop on the route. (It usually takes about 2.5 hours by bus.) 

·       Airport Bus Schedule from Incheon airport to Chuncheon:

08:10, 09:10, 10:10, 11:40, 13:40, 14:40, 16:10, 17:10, 18:10, 19:10, 20:10, 21:30


From Seoul

Use express bus from East Seoul Bus Terminal

Bus :

Get off at the Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal, turn left and walk roughly 10-15 minutes toward the KBS building. KAC is by the KBS building, on the opposite side of the street.

Car :

After passing through the Chuncheon tollgate, go straight for 4km.

Turn right at the first intersection past Namchuncheon station;

KAC is next to the building that reads ‘Gangwon massage’ across the street from the KBS building.

Duration: about 1 hour 10 minutes

Train(ITX) / Subway :

From Yongsan to Namchuncheon station – 70 minutes

From Cheongnyangni to Namchuncheon station – 50 minutes

From Sangbong station to Chuncheon Station (Regular electronic train) – 80 minutes

Walking From Namchuncheon station :

Head straight on the sidewalk (north).

At the first main intersection take a right.

KAC is roughly 1 and a half blocks, beside a building that reads ‘Gangwon message’ across the street from the KBS building.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to walk.


google map

1.  Namchuncheon Station Exit 2
2.  Head straight on the sidewalk (North) until the first intersection
3.  At the first main intersection take a right.
KAC welcomes and wishes all our visitors a safe and happy trip!