May 15th 2015 Welcomes International Conscientious Objectors’ Day

May 15th 2015 is International Conscientious Objectors’ Day. Last year, the UN Human Rights Mission cited a report by South Korea Amnesty International stating that 92.5 % of the world’s conscientious objectors are in Korea. The number of world’s prisoners for conscientious objection is 723 people, 669 of those prisoners being in Korea alone. This is truly an exorbitant work. For a short period of time Protestantism didn’t form any growth. “God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves, while loving our enemies”.
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A revised and enlarged edition of “What is an Anabaptist Christian?” has been published

What is an Anabaptist Christian?

Author: Palmer Becker
Editors: Bock Ki Kim & Kyeong Jung Kim
Palmer Becker has lived among Anabaptist Church pastors and educators all his life.
Anabaptists have summarized their understandings of the bible into 3 simple core points.
1. Jesus is the center of our faith
2. Community is the center of our lives
3. Reconciliation is the center of our ministry
The revised and enlarged edition of the book applies down to earth things to help with life’s perils.
The book also has the addition of chapter 11 “A guide for readers”.
We hop you can utilize the help this book presents

Become one of KAC 300 Support Members!

Already six months time has passes since KAC moved to a new space last year. In this time Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has been able to establish their office and this plan space has become well decorated and organized. Chuncheon’s Jesus Village Church and Jesus Heart Church begin KAF connection church and  fellowship, while KAC is moving forward with new works.

There is now work to do at KAC beginning with Dong Gyu Ahn, the board chair, who directs 7 people. Manager Kyeong Jung Kim, Missionaries Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyeung Park, Secretary SooJin Hwang, Sam (Samantha Moldovan), who is serving in MCC’s SALT program and will be departing this July, and resource staff member Min Jeung Bae. All full-time translators have difficulties but we will be making efforts to plan for danger with a healthy structure and foundation.
KAC considers the peace disciple community’s core values as it continues to develop materials, network and serving in the ministry.
KAC is conducting the following for this purpose:
Anabaptist lab plan (Long range plan)
Books published among the Peace & Justice Series and Anabaptist Series.
KAC & KAF hosted the first Anabaptist Community Youth Camp
Church uses Anabaptist education and development material.
Kingdom builders has began it’s 2nd half of the year and held lecture meetings (in Seoul)
Korea Mennonite history display near completion (at the office entrance)
KAC guest translator workshop
KAP homepage reconstructed
Youth & multicultural children’s English teaching material aid.
Restorative Justice Connection Project class (Gangwon Restorative practice exercise)
All the recent work could not have be hosted by God’s guiding spirit and KAC without receiving sponsor’s prayers and support. KAC requires 300 individual sponsors and support to take care of these works and push forward.