May 8- September 25th KAC is hosting Restorative Circle Process Training Meetings

Since last January Lorraine has started special lectures for Chuncheon and Gangwon area about restorative justice mindset called Gangwon Restorative Practice Exercise meetings or (GORJ). 

GORJ has started hosting restorative circle (RC) training meetings, 8 sessions in total, in the community area to train and educate people.
– Lecturer: Non-violent Peace Wave Restorative Justice Team, Yeon Gil Jung.
– Subject: Restorative Justice and Restorative Circle for interested people
-Meeting Dates:
    1st: May 8th
    2nd: May 22nd
    3rd: June 12th
    4th: July 3rd
    5th: July 17th
    6th: August 28th
    7th: September 11th
    8th: September 25th
– Location: KAC
-Inquires: (SooJin Hwang) 010-5097-3430

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