KAF Jeju Meeting (4/26-4/28)

This past April 26th – 28th KAF had a meeting at Jeju Island. KAF held its semi-annual meeting which for the first half of the year gathered at Daejeung/ Nonsan Mountain and the second half in Chuncheun. However this time God’s Family Church in Jeju served to host the KAF meeting. Although God’s Family Church had many visitors, they served with love and we received a lot of grace and impression from our time. Five people from KAC participated, Dong Gyu Ahn, Sang Uk Nam, Bock Ki Kim, Sook Kyeung Park, and Kyeung Jung Kim. Dong Gyu Ahn and Sang Uk Nam were representing KAC as beloved board chairs, while at the same time representing Chuncheon’s Jesus Village Church, and Jesus Heart Church

This KAF meeting had members from all over the country, including Wonju, Daejeun, Nonsan, Jinhae, Cheungju, Busan, Kwangju, etc, who serve in Anabaptist belief aimed churches, gather to confront anxiety with union and discuss the church community’s words together at God’s Family Church in Jeju. It was a very meaningful place.

Returning to Jeju’s sky, sea and land in every way was truly a heaven sent treasure. On the send day the participants visit Jeju Island’s peace park with thoughts of it’s history. At the peace park visit, participants see again the reminder of that terrible dog eat dog event of 1945, the reminders of civil war and opposing conflict that formed the North and South ideology, and had time to find the true importance of heartfelt peace and reconciliation.
If you would like more information about KAF, please visit their official homepage at http://www.wkaf.net
Once again, we are very thankful to have such a pleasing KAF meeting with everyone.

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