“Restorative Justice” Book Published

Justice of the ideology and practice for restorative justice

KAP justice and peacebuilding series sixth book ‘Justice of the ideology and practice for restorative justice’ [Restorative Justice] is released!

Author : Howard Zehr

Editor : Gyun-seok Joe, Seong-dong Kim, Young-seon Han et.

“Restorative Justice includes a variety of programs.

Most of these are being implemented in the criminal justice field.

The most well-known programs are victim offender reconciliation, family or community group unity, and peace circle.

…Restorative justice is not simply the program only. Rather, a set of principles and philosophies that can be applied to many situations.

For example, understanding restorative justice offers a variety of practices like the denial of the social level of illegal activity in the workplace.

Overall, the recovery in other non-violent justice is about the question of what will live up to an affective, peaceful approach

…Restorative justice is not only with respect to crimes or school, we are in the community, and will be invited to share a conversation about how to live together in the further the international community.

– From the Korean edition preface to Howard Zehr –

“This book is a brief summary of a commentary on the philosophy and principles of restorative justice. I had never heard the term restorative justice, and its meaning; or what questions people were engaged in, and knowing what to do, but you know, I think it will be very helpful to those who have lost their way. “

-From Introduction A representative of jogyunseok, Translator –

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