‘KAC / KAF co-hosted the 1st Anabaptist Youth Camp’

KAC / KAF 1st jointly organized Anabaptist Youth Camp has taken place.

– Topic: God’s Story, Our Story

– Subjective: KAC, KAF 

– Date: Mon, February 23rd, 2015 – 12:00 Wed the 25th 12:00

– Location: South Chungcheong Province Nonsan gayagokmyeon Yangchonri 520, Peace & Joy Church

– Target: KAF-related churches from high school to the third grade elementary school (grades 5-6)

– Fee: ₩ 40,000 / per person

– Contact: Bockki Kim

Program information

Activity – Minjeong Bae (KOPI youth teams): Faith circle process, (possibly divide the class into high school).

Activity – Minseo Park (Peace & Joy of Christ) : Publisher station

God’s story and our story – Bockki Kim (Mennonite Church Canada)

Our story 1- SeongHan Jeong (Korea Institute of Christian community) – the world community stories

Our story 2 Jeonghee Um (Jubilee Church) – Soap Craft

Activity Tapestry – Sujin Kim (The Lord is my Shepherd Church) natural dying craft

Our story 3 Namsik Jeon (Dream Church) – God’s way, the human way

Our story 4 youth – all together

* The second evening will be serving Sushi

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