“What we believe that together” is published

“What we believe together” is published: 

The Anabaptist book, “What we believe together” is published.

  There are currently more than 170 million Christians as active members of the Mennonite church. They are currently scattered in 67 countries. They are the people who follow the footsteps of Anabaptist movement as a part of the radical Reformation in16th century Europe.

As people engaging to the freedom movement and having loose relation to each other but have common values, What do these people believe? This book supports the statement that what people hold on to as common 7 belief in the churches, which exist across 6 different countries, are revealed through the course of their lives. 

  Theologian and teacher, Alfred NewFelt was asked to explain about this seven belief from the Mennonite World Council. He explained in a very rich content in an easier form and explained its importance and meaning through the stories of  Old Testament, the New Testament,as well as several historical examples and the current church experience around the world. 

As a churchgoer of church in poor country (Paraguay), NewFelt described the New Movement, which has been in Europe and North America over more than 500 years (now a majority of the members live in the Southern Hemisphere) in a fresh perspective. This book describes the core values that Mennonite-related groups in a new and critical perspective. 

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