MCC SALTer 2014-2015 Entry

MCC SALTer 2014-2015 EntryOn August 28, SALT (Service and Learning Together) participants, which is co-operated by KAC and MCC, entered Korea. SALT is an international volunteer exchange program organized by the Mennonite Central Committee.

This year, we have Rebekkah Puddington from New York state, US and Samantha Moldovan from Saskatchewan, Canada.  Sam will be serving the local community and the church in KAC while sister Bekah will serve as an English teacher in dandelion community in South Gyeongsang Sancheong.

August 28th: Immigration, Chuncheon arrival

August 29th: KAC orientation

September 1st: KOPI visit

September 2nd: KAC orientation

September 3th: Dandelion community visit

 MCC East representative, Rod, a missionary attended the orientation and departed to China on September 2nd. 

Please pray for SALTers and KAC’s ministry.

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