KAC 13th founding anniversary (November 1, Saturday, 2:00 pm)

KAC 13th founding anniversary (November 1, Saturday, 2:00 pm)


KAC ministry welcomed the 13th  anniversary. Age thirteen is the age of beginning for a full-fledged teenager.

We hope that KAC does not loose the innocent of the teens and that it is able to continue to be a purpose on this earth for the Gospel and the Church of the Kingdom of God in accordance with the Lord’s holy vision. Many thanks to those who supported us financially and spiritually until now, and we would ask for steady interest and support. Thank you

We invite you to the KAC’s 13th founding anniversary

13th anniversary of the founding of KAC Events

Location: Chuncheon, 34, third floor (opposite to Chuncheon KBS station)

Topic: The Christian walk


Part 1: 2-3PM  worship and ministry report

·      Moderator: Kim Bokgi (Canadian Mennonite Missions sent)

·      Sermon: John Lapp (Mennonite Mission Network)

·      Ministry Report: Kim Kyung-Jung (KAC Director)

·      3:00 -3:30PM  BREAK time

Part 2: 3:30 -5:30PM  Workshop

·      Presentation: Companionship

·      Chris and Donna Rice – Mennonite Central Committee of the NEA Representative

·      Ahn, Dong – Gyu: KAC Chairman

·      Group discussion (altogehter)

·      Full report

Part 3: 5:30 – 7:00PM fellowship meal

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