(Deadline Extended) for recruitment of 2015-2016 IVEP / YAMEN participants

Deadline Extended)  for recruitment of 2015-2016 IVEP / YAMEN participants.

This is Korea Anabaptist Center (KAC).

We are looking for participants for 2015-2016 IVEP (International Volunteer Exchange Program) / YAMEN (Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network)


Sponsored by MCC IVEPYAMEN is about meeting with Anabaptist family scattered in various countries in North America and the rest of the world and learning about their life and culture and through language exchange and serving one another.

Through this time, we expect the participants to learn the importance of love, serving, and sharing and to serve in their respective churches, schools, social environment when they return back to their home countries. 

Please refer to the website content for more information.

IVEP / YAMEN Homepage

  • Period of Application: Tues, September 16th, 2014 – Sun, October 19th
  • October 19th: Deadline for Application  (Korean + English) / referral 
  • October 24th: First announcement of acceptance
  • October 31th: Deadline to submit secondary English documents
  • November 6th to November 7th: The Final Interview (Korean + English)
  • November 10th: Final Announcement
  • Screening procedures
  • Primary (Korean, English)> 1st interview only accepted applicants (including English interviews)> Final acceptance
  • How to apply:

Email (kac@kac.or.kr) 

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