Vision for Peace and Justice series, “Strategic Peace Building” is released!

The 7th edition of KAP’s Justice and Peace series, “Strategic Peace Building” is released!

How can we build peace?

The Korean version of this book explains the numerous paths of peace. Peace does not simply exist as a grand idea. It needs hard effort and dedicated plan. Peace building influenced immensely in diminishing violence for the past two decades. Ten years ago, civil society and universities started the field of peace building. As this book is made for instituting peace building in South and North Korea, all the countries around the world is putting an national, and international effort in building peace in university, community center, company, and religious group level. 

In 2014, local communities, such as UN, World Bank, ASEAN, and African Union, started new effort in strategizing peace building. This signifies that more people are studying about peace and working for peace. Peace builders are working for peace and justice, with the strictness and planning power comparable to that of the military. People work together in order to establish the basis of peace and deal with the root cause of the conflict. Peace is a journey. I hope that everyone steps their feet in the right direction to call peace, and I hope the day comes for South and North Korea to work together for peace someday, through the Korean version of this book.

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