Trauma Healing

The fourth edition of KAP Peace and Justice series, “Trauma Healing” is published. Below is the background story of the published. 

After the incident of fall of the twin tower of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11th 2001, Eastern Mennonite University’s Peace and Justice Center was requested to train the religious and local leaders for the community suffering from traumatic events, with collaboration of the Church World Service. In response, teachers and professors proposed a program called Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience, STAR. 

Since then, this thought was adopted into practice after several years and after few minor adjustment, it became a complete, successful program. Carolyn Yoder, who is in charge of the STAR program, published a book with her past experiences and the practical strategies adopted and learned in the past, for the people who are suffering from life threatening danger. 

It is very small; but this small pamphlet is written for the people who are receiving constant threat and risk dangers, such as terrorist attack or tsunami, and for the community rife with violence and unjust sacrifice. The write, Yoder says, “ This small pamphlet is for the global family around the world to be awakened with the humane side of mentality under the challenge and general reality that the traumatic incidents and circumstances exist.” However, she says, “This awakening starts from acknowledging not only the history of our own, but that of the enemy as well, in addition to truthfully revealing the fundamental cause the perception change of the security of our country to the security of the whole civilisation.”

This book is truly a new approach in understanding trauma and healing. 

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