KAC office movement plan

God looks at a bigger and more detailed picture of the mission than us humans think.
This upcoming October, KAC office will be moving to the building near KBS (Chuncheon-si Toegaedong 1160-7, 3F).

This moving is planned to happen at an unexpected providence. As the Mennonite relief agency, MCC decided to move the Northeast Asian office to South Korea, they wanted partnership with KAC office.

Thus, KAC, MCC, and Jesus Mind Church decided to share the joint office. We wish to create a great partnership for the Kingdom of Christ in cooperation. 
Thus, for the past 13 years,
KAC spent 13 years in Seoul as the 1st phase,
2nd phase in Chuncheon Guenwha office now,
and will lapse into the 3rd phase in the new place we are about to move to. 
We prepare our moving as we discern our God’s intention, who keeps planning something new for our ministry.
We hope to decorate our office, and hope for KAC to serve the local community, church, and other organisation well.

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