KAC Kingdom builders meeting is taking a break during August-September

The Kingdom builders meeting, gathering every Thursday, 12-15 pm, is taking a break during August-September. 
Kingdom Builders is a meeting for people to learn, adopt, and put into practice the various practical ecumenical values  provided in Anabaptist perspective to envision the God’s kingdom in this land. Every Thursday, the meeting starts at 12 pm with lunch and conversation and goes until 3 pm. The participants vary from average of 7~8 people to the maximum number of 12. 
Below are the contents covered in the meeting
1. Pursuing peace
2. Dying to live with Christ
3. Stuart Murray
4. Building on the Rock
5. Change of conversion
6. Jack and Irene Suderman visit
7. Willard Metzger and Gordon Janzen visit
8. About Hutterite community…  – Patrick Purphy 
9. Nonviolence Dialogue
10. Journey to reconciliation
We would like to ask you for your support and participation. 

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