Please pray for Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyong Park missionary couple

Since last year, 2014 September 12th, Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyong Park missionary couple are serving together in KAC.

The couple are commissioned from Canadian Mennonite missionary and are serving as a Church Resource Worker.

With their assistance, KAC is benefitting a lot of from their resource assistance, publication work, service, and collaboration. 

Bock Ki Kim missionary is in charge of KAC’s various meetings and publication, and Sook Kyong Park  missionary is in charge of the finance. 

Recently, the 3rd edition of the Peace and Justice series, <Conflict Transformation> was published, and <Understanding of trauma and healing> and <Building on the Rock> are about to be published.

In August 5-8th, they are planning to attend the Christian teacher’s conference in Wonju to participate in book exhibition and sales. The couple revitalized the Kingdom Builders meeting, which has slowed down a bit, and finished leading the book study session of <Alteration of Conversion>,<Nonviolent Dialogue>,

<Journey to Reconciliation> in the meeting.

There is a seminar request from the regular meeting of the Good Teacher’s Movement, so they will be more active from the fall. 

Please pray for the Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyong Park  couple’s health and mission here in Korea.


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