Patrick Murphy of Hutterite Community visits KAC

May 2014
Patrick Murphy who comes from the Hutterite community, visited KAC during our weekly Kingdom builders meeting. The Hutterite community keep the Anabaptist faith and have lived as a community since 1528 and the early part of the Anabaptist movement.

Today, there are about 500 Hutterite communities in America and Canada. They have had a great effect on people living in communities through Christian history. So, there are lots of communities who have ben effected by the Hutterite community in several countries.

The Korean Anabaptist Press has so far published 4 books on the Hutterities. (See below)

KAC wants to share many materials about Anabaptist/Hutterite communities and Anabaptist’s/Hutterite’s heritage of Adventism, and to share about their lifestyle and community vision of the Kingdom of God.


  1. Hutterite Life (KAP)
  2. The History of The Hutterites (KAP)
  3. Ein Sendbrief Bruederliche Gemeinschaft das hoechste Gebot der Liebe betreffend (KAP)
  4. Claus Felbinger’s confession of 1560 (KAP)

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