First IVEP/YAMEN Alumni meeting :)



2014. 4. 12 (Sat), We finished the a long-desired IVEP/YAMEN Alumni meeting successfully.

First of all, Many Thanks for all those present and to the KAC Staff.


Attendance list.

2007-08 Park Eunha, Park Yoonseo

2008-09 Oh Seunghwa, Yoon Songju (and her husband and daughter.)

2010-11 Lee Bohyeon, Seol Yunju

2012-13 Jung Suhyun

2014-15 Kim Solker, Bae Kkotip

2013-14 SALTer Havilah Mendez

KAC Staff Kim Kyong Jung, Go Hyosil, Kim BockKii, Park SookKyeong


The Alumni meeting started at 12 with lunch.

The lunch menu was gimbap and dumplings which are famous in Choonchun, a salad with special dressing, some fruit, homemade cookies, and a carrot cake. (Thanks KAC Staff for preparing lunch.

After lunch, we talked about each other’s life, the good memories about IVEP, and how their values shifted when they were in IVEP. Also, they gave lots of advice to Solker and Kkotip (2014-15 IVEP).

The next Alumni meeting date is not decided yet. But, Some people thought that it is better to have the Alumni meeting bi-annually in Seoul. For the meantime, KAC will host the next Alumni meeting.


The expense of the meeting


total 130,000₩ ― ( IVEPer 70,000+ KAC staff 60,000)

– 48,980 (fruits, salad, snack, and drinking water)

– 57,000 (gimbap, dumpling)




The leftover money will be kept for the next Alumni meeting.

We were very happy to see previous years of IVEPer. 

Once more, Thanks for coming, and we expect that much more people will come next time J

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