2012-2013 SALT-IVEP-YAMEN volunteers returned home safely

SALT-IVEP-YAMEN volunteers who applied to MCC and stayed for past one year completed all their schedules in Korea and went back to their own home country safe on July 17th.


Despite their differences in culture and language and different environmental background, they lived their lives to the fullest and contributed a lot in diverse aspects in Korea for the past year.


One year was not a long time, but one of the participants showed a significant progress in learning Korean language skill, and another participant learned how to pla y kayagum, a Korean traditional instrument.


All of the participants satisfactorily shared their callings, their gifts, and interests according to the needs of the community they each applied, and they did their best to overcome the obstacles they face in new cultural environment


I would like to give special thanks to the Dandelion community, Hangyeul community, the Frontiers, and the members related to KAC for inviting volunteers from abroad and for sharing the community love for them.


Below are the lists of Korean communities where each four volunteers volunteered in.


Daegu Hangyeul Community- Jessica Klassen, Canada

Dandelion Community- Alexandra Loeppky, Canada

The Frontiers – Cindy- Tristiantari, Indonesia

Korean Anabaptist Center-Deborah Wiens, Canada

Korean Anabaptist Center-Su Hyun Jung, Korea


Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude for the people who had been together with us along the way and prayed for these participants.




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