Invitation to weekly events

The KAC hosts several weekly events that we welcome you to be a part of!

Thursday afternoons: Kingdom Builders
Every Thursday at 12:00 pm, people gather to share our lives over delicious food, then move into a time of prayer and worship, followed by discussion and study of topics that interest the group. (This will change every quarter.) We meet on the principle that anyone can be a part of the Kingdom, and that we must build it up together. The meetings finish at 3:00 pm. We often have visitors from Korea and other countries, so we invite anyone who is interested to come join us.
Special Note: The July 11 Kingdom Builders meeting will feature Tom Yoder Neufeld as a guest speaker! (Click here for more information.)
Sunday mornings: Jesus Heart Church 
After dividing from Jesus Village Church in March, this new-born church is already having space difficulties. Because we believe church can happen anywhere, the church is currently using KAC for their Sunday meetings. It is a time of gathering and sharing in the Spirit, enjoying fellowship, and giving thanks. The above picture shows a regular meeting, with adults and children.
If you are interested in joining this gathering, contact the KAC and we will give you more information.
Thank you & Shalom.

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