Report: Japan PAX team visit to Korea

Cross-cultural exchanges started a few years ago, between the KAC and Hiroshima, Japan’s World Friendship Center (WFC). This past March 15-19, four Peace Ambassador Exchange (PAX) participants visited Korea. The relationship between Japan and Korea is based within a historical and even current context of political and social conflict. Exchanges like these foster meaningful dialogue, friendship, and renewed hope and possibility for a brighter future. As Christians, we see it as a part of the ongoing ministry of reconciliation commanded us by God. 

Places the team visited:
  • 3/15 (Fri) -3/16 (Saturday): Korea Peacebuilding Instituted (KOPI) and Connexus (Deokso); House of Sharing (Guangzhou), local schools
  • (3/17) -3/18 (Mon): KAC; Jesus Village Church; Jesus Heart Church (Chuncheon); Peace Dam (Hwacheon)
During their visits, the four PAX members shared a message of peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. They acknowledged that these things must begin in the private sector (the home) and then carry into the public sphere (our churches, organizations, schools, and nations). Pray with us, that we may be able to do this. Also pray with us, that these exchanges will continue between Japan and Korea, that we might keep sharing meaningfully with each other.

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