Stuart Murray to Visit Korea


We are pleased to announce that Professor Stuart Murray will be visiting Korea from April 19-May 3 (2 weeks). The KAC and friends of the KAC will be hosting seminars taught by Stuart.

If you would like Stuart Murray to visit your church or organization, please contact the KAC. 
Full schedule and updates will be posted here as soon as possible, so stay tuned!
Potential Seminar Topics:
  • Church planting
  • The Emergent Church movement
  • Urban Missions
  • Reviews of the Christian Social Mission in a Post-Christendom context
  • Anabaptist history and theology

Stuart spent 12 years as an urban church planter in Tower Hamlets (East London) and has continued to be involved in church planting since then as a trainer, mentor, writer, strategist and consultant. For 9 years he was Oasis Director of Church Planting and Evangelism at Spurgeon’s College, London. He is chair of the Anabaptist Network and has a PhD in Anabaptist hermeneutics.

Since September 2001, he has worked under the auspices of the Anabaptist Network as a trainer and consultant, with particular interest in urban mission, church planting and emerging forms of church. He is the founder of Urban Expression, a pioneering urban church planting agency with teams in several cities in the UK and in The Netherlands.

He has written several books on church planting, urban mission, emerging church, the challenge of post-Christendom and the contribution of the Anabaptist tradition to contemporary missiology. Recent publications include Post-Christendom: Church and Mission in a Strange New World (Paternoster 2004), Church after Christendom (Paternoster 2005), Changing Mission (CTBI 2006), Planting Churches: A Framework for Practitioners (Paternoster 2008) and The Naked Anabaptist (Herald 2010).

He is married to Sian, who is a tutor at the Baptist College in Bristol where they live, and he has two grown-up sons and two grandchildren.

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