Will and Ana have finished their work and returned…

Will and Ana have finished their work in Korea and returned safely to Canada on Dec 14. They were here with us for two and a half years. They successfully finished their work at Jesus Village Church and Korea Anabaptist Center. They brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and their countless efforts were greatly appreciated by many Korean Christians. Their gifts of service and commitments became a good role model for those who follow Christ daily. One of the contributions that Will made for KAC was to create online data base for KAC website library, which is available for everyone at http://www.KAC.or.kr.  Ana has done much work also, one of the high lights of her work was with Korean-English hymnal project. She complied many English songs together for Koreans to learn about Anabaptist spirituality so many people received benefits from learning the new songs from Menonite Hymns that were introduced to Korean Christians. The best memory we all have was probably with their new born baby, Ruby. 

It was our first time to see that Mennonite missionary couple gave birth to a baby while they lived with us at JVC and KAC,Korea. We enjoyed watching her grow, she is now 15 months old, a cute little toddler who reminds us of God’s wonderful gift of life and growth all the time. Now they are back in Canada, they will visit churches to report about their experiences in Korea. We pray that God would continue to guide their faith and life just as they were guided through God’s grace and peace in Korea.

Thank God for connecting His people from different parts of the world to come and work and share our lives together so that we can all grow in full as Christ-like disciples.
May God bless Will and Ana (Ruby) and keep them in safety as they continue to go on their journey to God’s Kingdom.

Korea Anabaptist Center

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