“Kingdom Builders” special workshop starting in January 12th 2012

“Kingdom Builders” special workshop starting in January 12th 2012

Anabaptist history lecture summary 

Some of the most prevailing questions that started Anabaptist movements were: “What is a function of a church? What is its purpose and its role on earth?”. To answer these important questions, following are the list of topics that lecture will cover.

  • Baptism 
  • Lord’s supper
  • Church and State 
  • Violence and Nonviolence 
  • Discipleship, discipline, and evangelism 
  • Community and leadership 
  • Church governance and structure 
  • Evangelism 
  • Gifts and giftedness 
  • Hermeneutics, the Bible, and liturgy 
  • Simplicity and simple living 
  • Economics and sharing 
  • Conformity and non-conformity 

We study the Anabaptist history in hope to have clear understanding of the above questions. In hope to remedy our limited understanding of Anabaptism, we have organized this workshop series.

Anabaptist’s many groups – Mennonite, Amish, Hutterite

World Mennonite Church conference – Many churches, one community-

Mennonite Central Committee – Serving in the name of Christ

Lunch time (12:30-13:30)

Lunch lecture: Boundary workshop

Tuesday (13:30-15:30)

Background on start of Boundary lecture

           It is imperative that we understand Christian history however, it is also important that we maintain and develop our relationships with others. Marian is an experienced counselor. She has adopted and raised 6 kids with Erwin Wiens. The reason she first started this Boundary lecture is because she thought it was important for one to learn and understand the boundaries to prevent future conflicts. She uses the book “When To Say Yes, When To Say No-To Take Control of Your Life”. In the afternoon, it would be an opportunity for those who listen to Anabaptist Church history lecture and the Boundary lecture.

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