KAP News: Korean Language Publication of John Paul Lederach’s The Journey Toward Reconciliation

Korea Anabaptist Press (KAP) is pleased to announce the Korean language publication of The Journey Toward Reconciliation by John Paul Lederach last month.

This Korean translation of Lederach’s The Journey Toward Reconciliation allows Korean readers to gain an understanding of the Biblical foundations of conflict and reconciliation. Through his extensive experience in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding, Lederach is able to write firsthand about this topic, going beyond current peacebuilding theory and providing new insights. The text explains the reconciling nature of God through Jesus Christ, and the possibility for us to be reconciled with God and others through the human experience of conflict.

When asked why this book is important for the Korean people, KAP’s Yongjin Jeong responded, “In Korea, there is very little theological understanding of conflict and reconciliation in the church. Whenever conflict arises in church communities, people want to move beyond the conflict quickly without truly dealing with it. This book teaches that conflict and reconciliation are among the core values of the gospel, in the sense that God sent his Son to reconcile us to himself when we were yet enemies of God. As believers we are required to practice reconciliation between people in the church and beyond. This book will help Korean churches to recover the theological understanding of conflict and reconciliation which has been lost.”

In addition, KAP director Kyong Jung Kim explained that the focus of Korean churches has been largely on evangelism, while existing relationships within the church continue to suffer as a result of unresolved conflict. “This creates unhealthy dynamics within the church,” he explained, “and in some cases church members end up leaving the church because of conflict with others. In some ways this defeats the purpose of evangelizing new members into the church, when members cannot experience whole and healthy relationships within the community.” Lederach’s The Journey Toward Reconciliation can assist Korean churches with a new understanding of resolving conflict and a theological understanding of reconciliation.

Through this book, Korean readers can also expand this understanding beyond the church context to their view of national and international conflict, and consider the reconciling spirit of God as they grapple with the current conflict and tension between North and South Korea and other world issues.

KAP’s work in publishing Anabaptist texts for the Korean audience is very important and unique in this context. If you are interested in supporting KAP financially, please contact KAC. Donations can be made through Mennonite Church Canada Witness (Canada) or Mennonite Mission Network (US). Thank you very much.

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