KAC, information about Kingdom builders

KAC, information about Kingdom builders

2012. 3. 4

           In the program Kingdom builders, Church history and Boundary lectures will end on Tuesday. We are thankful for all those who participated and made this possible for 8 weeks. The good news is that KAC’s Kingdom builders program has not ended just yet. We will continue to study every Tuesday, so don’t be overwhelmed and spread on the good news.

3/27 -Anabaptist Hermeneutics-

4/10 –Church governance and structure-

-Reformed, Believers, Free, Peace Church, Church membership and leadership, Anabaptist ways of understanding on salvation and evangelism, topic on peace, and etc.- 

-Biblical foundation-

-War and Peace-

-Violence and Nonviolence-

-Peace building-

-Practical applications-

-Conflict transformation-

-Restorative Justice-


-Trauma Healing-

-Intentional Community-

-Economics sharing and, simple living-

-Hutterites, Amish, Brethren communities-

-Korean intential communities-

Starting Kingdom builders’ lectures

           Information on Kingdom builders’ lectures

l  Lecture one: Anabaptist Church History

l  Lecture two: Boundary Workshop

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