For the 3rd time the KAC’s Kingdom Builders will have a lecture on Anabaptist Ecclesiology and Mennonite Church Governance.

For the 3rd time the KAC’s Kingdom Builders will have a lecture on Anabaptist Ecclesiology and Mennonite Church Governance.

Who appoints the leaders of Anabaptist/Mennonite Churches? Where does the authority come from? What are the Churches ministries? How can we understand the ordnance of a pastor? Who can be ordained? Who can ordain? We will discuss many of the following and any other questions about the Anabaptist church.

We hope to see you there

Main Focuses

l  Biblical Basis for Church

Church is a congregation that follows Jesus Christ

Churches have a responsibility for Jesus Christ and for Each other

Church members have been called to be constructers for God’s Kingdom

l  Anabaptist understanding of Church

Every member of the church is called to minister not only in church but in their daily lives.

The ways of the church depends on the Holy Spirit and not the ways of the government

Churches exists as a local church, a conference of churches, and as a worldwide church having the basis that we are all followers of Christ

l  Mennonite Practice of Ministerial Leadership

The Ministerial Leadership of a Mennonite church is effective when the calling of an individual matches the calling of the congregation

The ordinance of a Mennonite church means that the person has God’s calling, the confirmation of the congregation, the sacrifice of the person and the blessing from the local conference.

l  Ethics in Ministerial Leadership

The leader should not be a target for criticism but he or she should be a person that receives a good reputation.

A Ministerial leader should be responsible for relationships with his or her church members and others.

A Ministerial leader should not solve all the problems by him or herself, but should solve the problems with the cooperation of the congregation. The leader is in a cooperative and an obedient relationship with the congregation.

The Ministerial leader must always have in his or her image that it’s not his or her church but it’s our church.

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