Call for Prayer: Peaceful Opposition to Jeju Naval Base Construction

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Christian Greetings from S. Korea!
I urge you to join us in prayer to support the non-violent resistance movement for peace and call for the immediate cancellation of the Jeju naval base construction in South Korea. JeJu is not only a designated island by USESCO for World Heritage but it was also designated as “Island of World Peace” by the former president Roh Moo-Hyun  in 2006. There are a number of legitimate reasons that many members of the civil society have requested the Korean Navy to STOP the construction of the naval base. But we as Christians cannot help thinking of Jesus’ teaching and action for peace. Jesus would have wept over again if he were standing with us in our situation today. “If you (including military forces) had known on this day what would bring you peace – but now it is hidden from your eyes”(Lk 19:42).  I am also reminded of the passage “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?” (Psalms 2:1)
This is crucial and vital issue for the whole country of Korea. But it seems that few are involved in this peace and non-violent movement that lead to life and peace instead of death and destruction. The sad thing is that churches are too quiet. Most Korean churches seem to be too quiet on this issue. Either they don’t pay attention to this or they don’t want to cross over the boundaries that are not welcome by government. “Jeju is an “Island of Global Peace.” However, Jeju is currently far from peace because of the enforcement of the naval base construction.”  Please pray that God would keep Jeju as an “island of global peace” so that all nations would acknowledge that reconciliation and peace is the direction that God designed for His creation to go forward.

Kyong-Jung Kim
Korea Anabaptist Center


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