Anabaptist Hermeneutics Seminar

Anabaptist Hermeneutics Seminar

KAC presents the second program of Kingdom builders, which is “Anabaptist Hermeneutics”. Anabaptists believe that to interpret the bible we need the Holy Spirit to be present.

                  So Anabaptists believe that interpretation of a farmer without any education and has the presence of the Holy Spirit is better than the interpretation of a religious leader with education and without the presence of the Holy Spirit.

                  So how do people know who interprets the bible in a right way with the help of the Holy Spirit. This is possible because of the congregation.

                  Anabaptist has a theme they follow. “Obeying faith” is something that Anabaptists believe in. They believe that to follow the Jesus Christ, they should be willing to take any troubles or difficulties that face them.

                  KAC wishes to talk about how Anabaptists interpret the bible and discuss it. We invite anyone that is interested in this Seminar and hope to see you there.


                  Main Themes

l  The Bible is Self-Interpreting

Anabaptists believe that anyone can interpret the bible

l  Christocentrism

Anabaptists believe that Jesus represents God in the best manner. So in order to understand the bible accurately, we need to look at it through Jesus’s perspective

l  The Two Testaments

God’s word’s don’t differ in the old testament and the new testament on a basic level, however, if they are, Anabaptists believe that the new testament takes priority over the old testament.

l  The Spirit and the Word

To interpret the bible accurately, we need the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave each individual the skills to interpret the bible.

l  Congregational Hermeneutics

Anabaptists believe that it is important that for the interpretation of the bible it is important for an individual to participate in a group to interpret the bible together.

l  Hermeneutics of Obedience

Christian’s believe that the interpretation of the bible and the application of the interpretation of the bible should not be different.

           16th century Anabaptists lived a radical life. The Anabaptists themselves applied their interpretation of the bible that led to thousands of martyrs.

           We hope to discuss Anabaptist hermeneutics more deeply.

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