Anabaptist Academy

Beginning on March 7, 2011 for six weeks, KAC and KAF jointly held its first “Anabaptist Academy” program at the KAC office in Seoul. The program concluded April 18 with a celebratory potluck dinner afterwards.

The purpose of the program was to invite Korean pastors, laypeople, teachers, professors and others to explore the idea of life as an Anabaptist Christian, and how that potentially differs from their current understanding of Christian faith life.

The 30 participants took part in lectures by KAC staff members, as well as pastors and leaders in the emerging Korean Anabaptist church community, and were given time to discuss some of the critical topics: understanding of the Bible, historical background for the Anabaptist movement, Anabaptist vision and the Kingdom of God, peacemaking, and discipleship. This type of education program is an important aspect of KAC’s work. “Many Korean Christians in the Protestant tradition focus solely on a person’s relationship with God and their own salvation, sometimes disregarding the need to positively impact their own spheres of life in response to their faith,” says KAC director Kyong Jung Kim. “These types of educational programs introduce participants to a new framework for viewing their faith, and a challenge to adopt the Anabaptist values of discipleship, peace and community.”

The program was a great success in the eyes of KAC staff, engaging people in some excellent discussions and expanding the Anabaptist network through the building of relationships.

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