2011-2012 IVEP Candidates Selected

The International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) run by MCC is a vocational and cultural exchange program that connects international young adults with host families and volunteer placements in Canada and U.S. The 2011-2012 placements will begin in the summer of 2011 and last approximately one year. The Korea Anabaptist Center has been working with MCC to select potential candidates from within KAC’s network here in Korea to participate in the program.

As well, KAC has been involved in the interview process to help select suitable Korean candidates for the IVEP program. This year KAC interviewed many qualified and passionate applicants, and because of this the final decision was quite difficult to make. However, three excellent candidates have been accepted:

v      Jin-Ju Park

v      Seung-Hwan Kim

v      Yeo-Reum Song

Congratulations! KAC is thankful to all those who applied this year, though regretfully not all the candidates could be accepted.

We are hopeful that the participants will be enriched through their experience of different languages, cultures and worldviews during their time in North America. In addition, the KAC community is excited to see how these IVEP placements will help these young adults grow in their faith and commitment to serving others. We are praying for you as you prepare for your time abroad!

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